Analysis of data

Data analysis is a process that consists of inspecting, 1 cleaning and transforming data with the objective of highlighting useful information, to suggest conclusions and support in decision making.

Growth Hacking tools for everyone

Growth Hacking Tools

As a professional, SME, or freelance, you probably want to increase sales and revenue using conventional strategies. The new paradigm makes us search for ambitious goals that require growth and scalability.

How do you achieve these goals? Through Growth hackig.

Implement an omnichannel Marketing strategy

Omnichannel Marketing

5 Steps to Implementing an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy for a Perfect Customer Experience A customer's steps to making a purchase today involve many more touch points than in the past. In fact, research indicates that customers will intercept with your company 10 times more on average for each decision of ...

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Trends in data analysis for 2020

Analysis of data

The world of data analytics is growing with new capabilities and reach in every industry. With the digital transformations happening in organizations around the world, 2019 included trends from more companies leveraging more data to make better decisions. Take a look at the data analysis trends expected for…

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